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Little list of offers from Russia <3 Empty Little list of offers from Russia <3

on Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:32 pm
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I hope the developers will read this article and, perhaps, take into account some aspects. I apologize in advance for the lexical errors and inconsistencies because I am writing this message using GoogleTranslate. After playing in your game for several months, I noticed several significant flaws, which I want to point out.

1. Little space. It would be nice to quickly increase the floor limit, as well as add maps with a larger area for huge hospitals.
2. Hospital management. How about adding an administrative department that includes the head physician, technician, accounting, economist, lawyer, etc? Each specialist (his presence) could give certain advantages (for example, receiving more money, legal protection, working with insurance companies).
3. Elevators. The system of elevators and floors in principle works very strangely. It is impossible to make two buildings with different number of floors. It seems that there is some kind of bug involved.
4. Kitchen. An interesting idea: add a kitchen department! In the hospital, they cook food, don't they? You can add a lot of rooms: kitchen, issue area, warehouse, washing. And hospitals that do not have a kitchen will have to buy food for extra money.
5. IСU equipment. Add the ability to conduct all types of analyzes in the ICU (in StatLab). You can also add portable X-ray, ultrasound and ECG.

Thank you very much for your work! I hope you listen to the ideas above. See you later!
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Little list of offers from Russia <3 Empty Re: Little list of offers from Russia <3

on Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:57 pm
Hello and thank you very for your suggestions!

I'll try to answer/react to everything in the order:

1.) Space - as you have noticed, max size map is at 96x96, and max floor limit is set to 4. However, if you need more space than this, you have one option. You can change value of floor related parameter in "Tweakables.xml", but if you will do it, we do not guarantee stability of the game.

2.) + 4.) We wil defintely add more content in future DLCs - actually we can not say what it will be specifically - many fans are asking us to add administrative, maintenance, psychiatry, etc. - we will try to satisfy the majority of all you.

3.) Elevators - yes, we know, that is a little bit complicated to design and build multiple buildings of different height in one scenario (impossible when they are not connected among them), maybe we will try to modify this feature in the future, but for now, it has lower priority.

5.) ICU has already more diagnostics methods in front of other departments, but maybe we will add more, if there will be more demands of the gameplay.

One more time, thank you, and please do not stop playing and giving us feedback Wink
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