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Modding Staff Hiring? Empty Modding Staff Hiring?

Fri Jun 07, 2019 9:38 pm
Hi fellow gamer docs!

I'm exploring ways to mod staff hiring. I've been playing with the Occupations.xml file to see if I can modify salaries, gender and age probabilities, etc... Modifying the file directly doesn't seem to yield any results. I figured I should create a Mod folder within the Addons folder, similar to how you would override Tweakables.xml.

Except I'm not sure how to have to game recognize and override the Occupations.xml. Any insight on how I could do that?

If I can figure that out, I wonder if I can also edit other areas of hiring, such as perk probabilities.

I'm fairly new to modding, so thanks in advance for contributing to my education!
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