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[RESOLVED] Issue With UI Feature; Patient List Empty [RESOLVED] Issue With UI Feature; Patient List

Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:51 pm
I personally find the way that the Patient List/Window expands (as new patients are added) fairly inconvenient. Ideally, it should grow in one direction, probably downwards from the bottom. Instead, it grows both upwards from the top as well as downwards from the bottom. This means that, particularly early on in the day shift when the majority of patients come in, there is not a proper place to position the window in order to keep an eye on all patients in a department during times that it's ideal to control all patients yourself (I.E. during the events and during the 9 different department challenges).
Steps to repro:

1. open the Patient window and choose the "All patients" tab.
[RESOLVED] Issue With UI Feature; Patient List H1XNKeV

2. wait for more patients to be added to the list.

3. with the positioning of the Patients window in the previous screenshot, I have about 2 or 3 more patients that can be added to the list before the top of the window is pushed out of view, and eventually the patients in the top of the list will be pushed out of view too.

I understand that this is less of a bug than it is a UI inconvenience, as it is clearly working as it was intended to. However, it is one of the only UX issues I've really ran into frequently. Thank you for the exceptional amount of effort you put into this amazing game, I hope you continue to release content like this and truly succeed as a studio.
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[RESOLVED] Issue With UI Feature; Patient List Empty Re: [RESOLVED] Issue With UI Feature; Patient List

Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:19 am
Hi, thanks for pointing this out, it's surprisingly easy to become pretty much blind to little issues like this after working on the same project for months or years. Smile
This actually seems to be an easy change, so we'll be updating the alignment of all tables (also employees, diagnoses and symptoms) for the next minor patch.

...and thanks for the support, really appreciated! Smile
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