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Reporting issues with modded game Empty Reporting issues with modded game

Tue Mar 03, 2020 3:13 pm
Hi, we've noticed that a lot of the issues in recent bug reports have been encountered in heavily modded versions of the game where we have pretty limited options how to help. Also, as we keep fixing all major issues reported, the vast majority of the recent problems in modded versions of the game that we investigated have been related to the mods themselves.

So, we tried to compile some useful tips about what to do in case you encounter problems:

[EDIT January 2021 - more details]

  • If it looks like the issue could be also present in the vanilla game, please try to unsubscribe from the mods on Steam workshop and try to see if the issue persists. Sometimes it will be possible to continue your existing save, sometimes this will unforunately require starting a new game - using one of the prebuilt hospitals in sandbox can help recreating a similar situation more quickly
  • Please check the discussions on the Workshop for individual mods before installing them to make sure there have been no recent problems, we've unfortunately seen issues caused by obviously broken mods still widely used
  • Please check the log file for any errors - there might be something pointing to a certain mod, like an ID of a symptom, diagnosis or an object
  • Please always let the authors of the mods know if you encounter issues that you know are related to their work, the modding community has been very active and helpful, usually a fix will get released very quickly as long as the author knows about the issue
  • The more mods you have installed, the bigger risk there is of two incompatible mods modifying the same part of the game (examinations, symptoms), this can be obviously pretty dangerous - just use common sense.

[EDIT January 2022 - mods and DLCs]

  • Some mods that change examinations and treatments have different versions compatible either with the base game or with the game with the full set of DLCs, so make sure you have the correct version installed. Most common example is the Realistic collapses mod: and and Bedside examinations mod: and

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