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Question about utilising multiple labs (Modding/Fallback)? Empty Question about utilising multiple labs (Modding/Fallback)?

Sat Apr 25, 2020 9:38 am
Hi Oxymoron,

Just wondering exactly how <FallbackLabDepartmentRef>DPT_LAB</FallbackLabDepartmentRef> works with examinations?

What I am thinking at the moment is I'd like to add new rooms to the Labs Department (or a new 'Auxiliary Lab Dpt.') for use by Oncology/Modders (I've hit the UI limit in Oncology for 8 rooms, I assume you can't go over this and my exams can be ordered by any general medicine doctor so I want to keep it out of Oncology for ease of use).
The interaction I am hoping for is that a player can if they want to reduce the workload of say histology, open an auxiliary/specialised, Flow Cytometry Lab (just for example). This would than become the primary lab for these exams and relieve pressure off Histology, maybe even get results faster and improve the operation of Oncology. If a player couldn't afford or didn't see the need to do so though, they could just rely on the histology lab to process the exams. Is this kind of how Fallback lab works, the exam can be processed somewhere but if it cannot it falls back to default?

It does seem like I can't add these to Medical Laboratories Dpt. though but if I created an Auxiliary Laboratories department would it work than? Hoping something like:


I am just not sure whether the game just won't work like this at all or if it did, it might start sending patients to both labs, when ideally I'd like the auxiliary/specialised lab to take over if it exists (I don't mind if the other lab is used because of pathfinding or demand issues, just want to avoid the game dividing demand 50-50)

Any help is appreciated, I'll play around with the idea anyways and see what i can do, I like the idea of letting a player specialised demand if they would like to.
Thank you! Very Happy
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