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[RESOLVED DUPLICATE] Idle doctors/technicians with many patients waiting Empty [RESOLVED DUPLICATE] Idle doctors/technicians with many patients waiting

Sat Jul 18, 2020 8:19 am
I've been having an issue where my doctor's or technicians will show as idle even though I have a bunch of patients waiting. I've been trying to find a pattern to the problem, but I'm completely stumped. The issue has popped in in just about every one of my saves, both in Sandbox mode and Challenge mode. Here's what happens:

Idle Doctor
- I get a notification that a patient has been waiting a long time. I click on the patient, and there is a doctor assigned and the patient's status is 'waiting.'
- When I click on the assigned doctor, the doctor's status is idle or their 'filling free time,' but their patient list is insanely long as if all the patients are being routed to that doctor, and not a free doctor.
- I can usually get the issue to go away by clicking through the patients and reassigning them to a different doctor until I find the patient causing the issue. When I find the problem patient, the doctor calls the next patient and the patient list shrinks back to it's normal length, with patients being redistributed back to other doctors.
- The only pattern I can find is that this only seems to happen with Emergency Department doctor's and when it happens multiple times in the same game, it's always the same doctor. When it happens multiple times

Idle Technician
- I get a notification that a patient has been waiting for a long time.
- When I click on the technician, it shows that their status is 'idle' or 'filling free time' and they have zero patients listed, even though there may be 8 or 9 patients in the waiting room with a status of 'waiting.'
- So far, I haven't found a way to fix the issue. I managed a half fix once by deleting the room assignment and then redrawing the room assignment. When I reassigned the technician to his workspace, he called one patient and completed the examination (x-ray) before going back to idle. I tried deleting and redrawing the waiting room, which sent all the waiting patients home, but the technician remained idle when new patients were sent for x-rays.
- This is a newer issue, so I'm not sure if it's related to the idle doctor issue. So far, it's only happened once to an x-ray technician in a sandbox mode save that has periodically had the idle doctor issue. The x-ray room and technician were functioning normally for a number of in-game days before the issue occurred.

1. Saved game where both issues have occurred, but not currently active. If it helps, the doctor and technician that have had the issue are:

  • Emergency Dept: Tara Hays (day shift)
  • Radiology Dept: Peter Lopez (day shift)

2. Log

I do also have an earlier autosave of the same map where the idle doctor issue has already occurred multiple times (but is not currently active) and the idle technician issue has not yet occurred, but I'm getting a "could not upload file: exceeded total storage" error.

Additional Info

  • No Mods
  • The doctor issue hasn't occurred since the most recent patch (so far), and the technician issue started after the most recent patch

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[RESOLVED DUPLICATE] Idle doctors/technicians with many patients waiting Empty Re: [RESOLVED DUPLICATE] Idle doctors/technicians with many patients waiting

Mon Jul 20, 2020 12:12 pm
Hi, thanks for joining the forum and the detailed report!

Hopefully some good news, we're already testing a fix for the issue with radiologists (which we unfortunately introduced as a side effect of another improvement in the latest patch). We'll double check that everything works correctly in your save, it's good to have more hospitals where the issue happened to verify the fix.
(Here's the first report of this problem:

Regarding the doctors - it's possible that it was a specific problem with already diagnosed patients, but please let us know if you see it happen again! Here's a line from the latest release notes:
- Allowed diagnosed patients to choose a new doctor when waiting (not always returning to the doctor who diagnosed them)

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