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[NEED MORE INFO] Saved Games Empty [NEED MORE INFO] Saved Games

Sun Nov 08, 2020 7:35 pm
Hey, I am new here so I hope I have put this in the correct place. Every few days it says that it is installing project hospital when I come to play the game. Once it does this all of my saved games are gone and I am constantly starting from scratch. I have no error reports or anything I have all of the DLCs and feel like I am just losing love with this game now because of thefact I have to constantly restart. What can I do? Thanks

Also, how and where do we download patches?


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[NEED MORE INFO] Saved Games Empty Re: [NEED MORE INFO] Saved Games

Mon Nov 09, 2020 9:29 am
Hi, thanks for joining the forum to let us know about the problem!

First, could you tell us which platform are you using to install the game (Steam/GOG)? Generally both should just install the game once and automatically download patches, also the saved games are stored in a separate folder and don't get deleted even if you uninstall the game - could you also try to have a look at what you can see in the folder (here's a guide that should help you find it on your machine:

One possible cause could be something going wrong with the cloud save system, could you check whether you're using cloud saves and if you're on GOG, try to turn them off?
Other than that feel free to send us also the log file from the game, there might be some more specific info in case there are any hidden errors happening behind the scenes.
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