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Moving between departments Empty Moving between departments

Sun Nov 15, 2020 5:50 pm
First, I want to say thanks you guys for TWEAKABLE_INAPPLICABLE_DIAGNOSES_PERCENT. It works and I happy:D
But current suggestion is not related to previous.

I'm afraid there is a little lack of possibility of moving patients between departments. To be clear in example:

1. I have opened emergency department: clinic and hospital. Hospital has free beds.
And also I have opened neurology department with only clinic.

2. Patient came to emergency department with actual neurology diagnosis. He was hospitalized at same department (emergency) manually.
In advance I say treatment is eye drops. It's important because of eye drops as drug is present in both departments.
I suspect there should be different eye drops, but we can sucrifice my suspection for game design simplification.

3. So patient was examined, I choosed right diagnosis then... game said I have no neurology department and patient will go to another hospital Shocked
Also there was a suggestion I should open neurology hospital ASAP. But I am very greedy hospital owner or I have no enough money to do it right now Crying or Very sad
I opened patient card and clicked button for manual managing. But any way he was picked up by another ambulance.

So I have two points:

First, It's strange I can treat neurology disease by eye drops at emergency clinic but I can't do it at emergency hospital.
I have no idea how to make it right and simple enough. I sure you guys know about this and thinking Smile

AND SECOND MAIN point is I want to move patient to another department even if there is no hospital and only clinic.
What is weird if patient was examined at emergency hospital and got appointment at neurology clinic?
Or more simply and best implementation: I want to return patient from hospital to clinic manually. Please implement such button Smile Then I can change department as I want.

ps Sorry for my English
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Moving between departments Empty Re: Moving between departments

Sun Nov 29, 2020 3:10 am
Is this forum still alive?
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