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[RESOLVED] Double fever symtom (HUS) Empty [RESOLVED] Double fever symtom (HUS)

Mon Mar 22, 2021 11:06 pm

I'd like to report a minor bug that's currently happening in unmodded Project Hospital. Sometimes when a patiënt is diagnosed with HUS and all symptoms are found, sometimes it can happen that there's one more hidden symptom. I found out that this is usally a fever and when doing a temperature measurment it will find a fever, but the patiënt is already known with this symptom, so what happens is that there are 2 fever symptoms. Maby it has something to do with a patiënt presenting to the doctor with the fever already known, but I'm not sure. Attached a few screenshots of 2 different patiënts where this happend.
Hidden symptom, fever already known
No hidden symptoms but with 2x symptom
Another patiënt

Kind regards,
Menno Ganzeboom

Edit: since I can't post links yet since I'm new and cannot upload all screenshots, I just put down the link. If you copy/paste it you see it (and add https:// before it). If you don't want to or don't trust it, the patiënt names are: Linda Gardner and Lorin Osman. Also, I forgot to mention, I do have 1 mod installed, but it only adds a few names to the game. If you think it might be caused by that mod, I will uninstall it. Modname is: "More Names".
[RESOLVED] Double fever symtom (HUS) Attachment
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[RESOLVED] Double fever symtom (HUS) Attachment
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[RESOLVED] Double fever symtom (HUS) Attachment
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[RESOLVED] Double fever symtom (HUS) Empty Re: [RESOLVED] Double fever symtom (HUS)

Tue Mar 23, 2021 9:55 am
Hi Menno, thanks for the message and joining the forums to report the bug!

You're absolutely right, the symptom was filled in twice for this particular diagnosis - we have quite a few automatic checks that should catch most issues with the 'medical database', but not one for double symptoms, so this has slipped the net. We'll be including a fix in the next patch.

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