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Double surgeries Empty Double surgeries

Fri Jun 26, 2020 2:44 pm

When playing neuro scenario I have patients that have skull base fractures and CSF leaks requiring two surgeries : craniotomy and fracture surgery - head.

They are taken to the or, one of these surgeries is performed, they are then taken back to ward and then back to the or for the second surgery... Is there anyway that just so long as they do not need seperate specialities that both surgeries can be performed at the same time?

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Double surgeries Empty Re: Double surgeries

Thu Jul 23, 2020 7:52 pm
Agreed. That would be very helpful.
Even in a polytrauma situation you may have different specialties stepping in during the same surgery (ie. vascular and ortho).

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Double surgeries Empty Re: Double surgeries

Thu Jul 30, 2020 12:19 pm
Indeed, some patients require multiple surgeries.
They should be carried out continuously after one transfer.
Why move patients who need multiple surgeries multiple times and use anesthesia multiple times? It's a waste of time and sometimes alienates the chance of saving the patient's life!

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Double surgeries Empty Re: Double surgeries

Mon Oct 26, 2020 11:47 pm
With the new traumatology DLC, I've managed to have a couple of triple surgeries this week! (Edit: now had some quadruples!)

I tend to have to micromanage these - I've found that if there are sufficient staff available to run the second surgery immediately after the first, this will happen automatically without the patient being transferred anywhere. What I've ended up doing is keeping an eye on the first surgery, then once the anaesthetist and the final nurse scrub out, the final nurse makes their way over to the patient to wait with them. About a second before they reach the patient, I pause the game and check whether I have two nurses (you don't need a third for the transfer if you get this right), an anaesthetist and the one or two additional surgeons I need who are ready for the next operation. The nurse who's about to wait with the patient cannot be one of these two nurses - they have to sit out the second surgery.

Usually if I'm short of anyone it's a nurse, in which case I'll swap a surgical nurse from the patient's department (ideally, the nurse who's about to wait with the patient) with an available one from another department. Unless you're hugely backed up with other work, the 2 or 3 doctors needed are usually still walking back to their desks without having been given another job to do.

But I agree entirely - if the two surgeries require the same configuration of staff (there are one or two combinations where this won't be the case - I had a traumatology patient whose third surgery needed one fewer surgeon than the first two did), or if a later surgery requires fewer staff than the earlier ones, then it would be good if the game knew to run these smoothly, one after the other, and ideally without the doctors scrubbing out and back in between the surgeries.
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Double surgeries Empty Re: Double surgeries

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