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Doctor DLC-Perk selection for character makeup Empty Doctor DLC-Perk selection for character makeup

Tue Dec 07, 2021 5:43 pm
I understand that the game is almost "finished" and no major changes are expected, but I'm very dissatisfied.
It's a character making feature added by Doctor DLC that requires you to manually select all Perks.
Why is Perk all manual selection when other things can be rerolled?

Also, I often edit the xml file to give all staff 10 Perks, which greatly increases the effort of manual setup.
When I had to design a large hospital and hire a huge number of staff for the challenge, my hands would be screaming and the life of the mouse would be shortening, lol

If the character make-up card is displayed and at the same time the specified number of Perks in the xml file is selected,
If there is something I don't need, all I have to do is remove it and replace it, which greatly reduces the effort.
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Doctor DLC-Perk selection for character makeup Empty Re: Doctor DLC-Perk selection for character makeup

Mon Dec 13, 2021 9:51 am
Hi, thanks for describing the issue in your specific usecase!

The perk selection was designed for the 2+1 perks, so it would be very unlikely that the random selection would choose perks you actually want (or at least don't mind), or in other words for most players it would mean more clicking unselecting the randomly chosen ones and switching to their desired perks).

A possible solution that would work for everybody would be to add a new "randomize perks" button, I'll have a look if that's something we can easily do (I have a hunch we'd need a new icon, so it's unlikely there will be time to fit this into patch 38).
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