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Janitor Specialization Empty Janitor Specialization

Wed Jan 25, 2023 8:42 am
Hey all! First, I hope work on Silence of the Siren is going well.

Second, I happened to notice that when janitors level up they don't appear to gain a specialization. So if I create a janitor, she is promoted to senior janitor, and I then try to move her to the gift shop, it won't work. She will move to the gift shop but she will not be able to sell anything (oddly enough her status will also display as "Managing Janitors").

I'm guessing no one else will really notice this bug. The only reason I do is I enjoy doing playthroughs where I create each employ and then wait for them to be promoted before moving them to more complex jobs (so, for example, I can't open a radiology clinic until my lab tech in the hematology lab gets promoted up).

Finally, I once again have to say how much I love this game. Years after release, I still find myself returning to Project Hospital again and again. You all really outdid yourselves on this one. Smile
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Janitor Specialization Empty Re: Janitor Specialization

Thu Jan 26, 2023 10:28 am
Oh, hello! First, thanks for you kind words - it's so great to see you're still around and enjoying the game!

When it comes to janitors, yes, it looks like you're correct, no specialization gets automatically selected as they level up. As I'm not sure how likely it is that/when I will get to fixing this, here's at least a quick tip that should fit your playstyle: if you use the character editor when hiring janitors for one of the specialized rooms, they will start at level 2 with the matching specialization, so you should be still able to customize all your staff.

I hope this helps! Smile
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