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Translations FAQ Empty Translations FAQ

Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:49 am
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When does the process start?

What should I do, if I want to help with translation?
For now please reply to one of the threads/topics under Translators, start a new one for your language so both us and other volunteers know you're interested or PM josef.oxymoron.

Can we use our native language in native sections?
Yes - if it's necessary. Try to stay in English as much as possible, please.

What do the data look like?
The localization table is saved in plain text (XML) files, organized into different categories that make sense, for example:

  • Texts in the menu and main user interface
  • Medical terms used in emergency department
  • Medical terms used in orthopaedics department
  • ...
  • Names and descriptions of objects you can build

This will allow more people to translate one language.
The game directly reads these XML files, so it's possible to test the changes in the game without sending the files to the developers and waiting for a new version.

Some examples of the texts - the bold texts are the actual part to translate:

 <GameDBLocalizedString>      <LocID>CANCEL</LocID>                                    <Text>Cancel</Text>  </GameDBLocalizedString>

<GameDBLocalizedString>      <LocID>OCCUPATION_DOCTOR</LocID>              <Text>Doctor</Text>  </GameDBLocalizedString>
<GameDBLocalizedString>      <LocID>OCCUPATION_NURSE</LocID>                <Text>Nurse</Text>  </GameDBLocalizedString>

<GameDBLocalizedString>      <LocID>DIA_FLU1_DESCRIPTION</LocID>          <Text>Influenza is a common infectious disease caused by ...</Text>  </GameDBLocalizedString>

There are some formatting options available, like \n for new line and bold/italics.


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