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Issues, improvement suggestions and others Empty Issues, improvement suggestions and others

Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:40 pm
Dear developers, while translating and checking text in the game I found some things that are problematic or in my opinion could be improved.
Please read my list below, hopefully it's helpful.

- I find the game interface to be overly complex and the department management quirky. It's hard to understand rooms' assignments and 'what belongs where'.
- UI needs some love.
- Also: The game is great, keep it up! We're looking at a very promising future Smile

Observations and problems:

1) On the bottom the day counter (Day X) is a serious problem. In hungarian we simply cannot use Day first and the number second. It has to be the other way around (X. day). Can you please make the number a parameter so we can move it around? Same thing on the budget panel (on the bottom, where you can change the day).

2) The operating room tooltip has one too many doctors listed (1x doctor + 1x anethesiologist, while I believe these 2 should be the same)

3) On an employees card, the number of days since employment is something like '2d'. The letter 'd' is not replacable - hardcoded, therefore cannot be translated.

4) On an employees card, there is an indicator of the employees level. Below it is another for XP gain. These always show the same text. Shouldn't the xp bar show the next one?

5) Certainty choosing diagram is proportionally too small on the department management screen (left side), please make it bigger to support a little more text in its center.

6) On the left side of the screen there is a list of objectives. Nothing indicates that these objectives are for unlocking / upgrading insurance companies (the icon does not help at all). This confuses new players.

7) Just above that, there is the events text. Can you please make a little more room before the padlocks? Maybe move them down a line? The hungarian "Események" does not fit and I couldn't come up with anything shorter.

8 ) The ESC key behaviour needs some love. I would expect the ESC key to
First: Close open windows and cards
Second: Return the game to "game mode" (like what F5 does)
Third: Open the menu (last resort)
The second is currently not implemented.

9) On the top left and top right are buttons for game modes and options/help. These are almost blending into the background, is there a way to make them more vivid? I believe 60% of new players skip the tutorials and even I needed 10 seconds to notice them (not much, I know, but the world is in a hurry).

10) The log notifications on the bottom right are basically invisible if the list is not 'open'. Making it open upwards by default would mean a real difference.

11) Bandages on people show on different arms depending on which direction they are going in. (need to check in the newest build)

12) In many cases the language strings do not contain variable templates ({1}) and therefore lack context and limit translation accuracy (e.g. BuildingMode-> ALLOWED, ALLOWED_ROOM, etc.).

13) The keyboard assignment picture should have key names on it. Also, it cannot be closed by pressing ESC.

14) Many notification names are clipped very short on the options menu (even english ones). Sometimes it is quite impossible to shorten them so much that they fit. Many of these notifications have the same text so they look the same.

15) There are too many autosaves and they have quite random names. This causes cluttering and no way to remember which autosave is last or which game session was it made from.

16) While the same object (like windows and doors) cannot be placed multiple time on to of themselves, their price is deducted nevertheless.


1) UI in overall is cramped, no matter what resolution / UI scale is used, especially in management mode (room listings, staff requirements, etc.). It's confusing and hard to read. Could not hurt to make the automatic UI scale a bit bigger too.

2) Please make notifications less intrusive by default. So many of them jump out and stop the time that I switched all of them to logs after my first 10 minutes of play.

3) Ctrl-Z feature would be nice Wink

4) An Exit game button is missing from the in-game menu. There is only an Exit to menu button.

5) The roads that are already placed should be editable / removable. This is probably connected to where and how the ambulances spawn and exit the map, but it also limits imagination as to how the hospital can be built. I recommend dynamic spawning point at the edge of the map where valid road is detected.

6) Cars on roads / arriving at the hospital parking lot? *fingers crossed

7) Ambulances stop at the very first block of 'ambulance area' they find. Is it possible to improve this by looking for the centre of the defined area? Multiple ambulance stop area handling would also be cool. (need to check in the newest build)

8 ) Why does every department need their own waiting room? I think it would be much-much better if waiting rooms could be assigned to other rooms instead of predefining the department. In fact, this predefined nature of rooms make the game more confusing than not. It may be worth to remove this auto-assign and make it a requirement from the players side (to set). Consequently the management screen would need an overhaul too.

9) The game and UI is not self-explanatory.
The tutorial begins by telling the player that he/she is coming back from retirement which feels bad and in real life this is never a good sign! Also inconsistent with the first cure achievement.
Also, while many tooltips are trying to be helpful, the basic workflow is not evident by looking at the UI.

This list may seem extensive, but the game is in fact great and I love it!
However in my opinion the game is too quirky for the average player and I'm afraid that Steam reviews will be mostly mixed since this will not be an early access or beta but a full release. (I really hope I'm mistaken on this one.)
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Issues, improvement suggestions and others Empty Re: Issues, improvement suggestions and others

Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:08 pm
Hi, thanks a lot for writing this down, a lot of good stuff! Smile I'll try to reply more in detail if I find the time, but let me point out at least we'll try to soon fix the main points with texts you mentioned (Day, "d", not enough space for text).
Also please note that some bits are still in the game mostly for debug/testing purposes, like the frequent autosave - btw you can disable 'autosave every hour' in options. Smile
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Issues, improvement suggestions and others Empty Not enough space for workload information text (in some translations)

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:51 am

There is a "problem" with Spanish translation of "workload".

In spanish is translated "Carga de Trabajo" wich is correct, but is too long. This is causing this problem explained in this other post:

Or developers change the textbox size, or change the translation to some shorter word like "Uso" (Usage in english) or just "Carga" (Load in english).

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Issues, improvement suggestions and others Empty Re: Issues, improvement suggestions and others

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