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Congrats on the Release and Feedback Empty Congrats on the Release and Feedback

Fri Nov 02, 2018 5:31 pm
Hi Devs,
congratulations on the succesful release of the game. I followed it for quite a while and was anxious to see it for real. You have done a great job. I am a medical doctor myself and very impressed with the atention to detail and depth of the game. I have already spent some hours (being on call in a hospital myself lol) playing. I can already see myself getting lost for hours
on end. I haven't really commented or suggested anything because I wanted to wait for the release to see what you already implemented. However here is what I have found so far to make you game even better ( also includes a personal wishlist Very Happy )

Core Mechanics
- Reverse build button(if you notice you misplace your shiny icu for 50 grand by two tile and have to manually remove and rebuild everything is a bit annoying)
- delete savegame (maybe i didn't see it ,but i would welcome it. Especially for automated saves. If you implement this make it multiple saves at one time please)
- Camera rotation would be a great addition
- shared waiting areas/common rooms between departments (maybe make a shared category and select which departements are allowed to use it)
- Maybe it will be possible to schedule more then one employee per workspace so they can take turns taking breaks/filling needs
- easy way to gauge a Patients Condition ( I flunked tutorial 3 like 10 times because i didn't realize how critical a Patient was)
- Night Clinic hours (maybe with a Pay Bonus)

Features concerning billing and money
- Are additional Treatments useful? (meaning treating symptoms exacept only the diagnosis) Will they be rewarded seperately in the future (e.g. if my doctors not only do a leg
   cast but also prescribe NSAIDS/Ice wraps for a broken ankle will i get more money?
- regarding this different Insurance levels would be so cool. Basic Insurance only covers the Cast, improved Insurace covers all Medication and treatment by at least Atending
  level, etc)
- Also Financial Rewards for radiology (as it is a cash cow in real live) maybe penalties for unnecessary exams
- higher reward for in hospital patients (HDU/ICU bonus) (again maybe some insurances will not cover it??)
- Maybe have costs like Utilities (Heating/airconditioning/plumbing/electricity systems?)
- Taxes
- accounting office to reduce overall costs give major bonusses

- More departments (Psychiatry/Pathology/OBGYN/Pediatrics)
- VIP's
- Private Practise for the really wealthy
- law suits
- legal departement
- Autopsies for the deceased
- Pharmacy (give out drugs/deliver drugs to wards/ over the counter busieness)
- Handymen to repair broken equipment
- Assign Mentors to interns ( right now it is always the head of the department, maybe have one attending look out for two or three interns)
- Teaching/seminars/Training
- med students
- Academic Medicine, have your Attendings and specialists do research in their spare time. Get medical studies and government grants to do reserach at your facility
- get certified for certain procedures and become a center for a certain disease (more Patients/hihgher Revenue)
- loose certification if you mistreat too many Patients
- Heli Pad
- Security and or Police (have unsatisfied patients become violent, drunks and addicts trying to steal stuff. Police bringing in suspects or victims
- Rivalry/disharmony/friendships/love between CoWorkers

You see I have a lot of dreams and Ideas  Very Happy Please don't misunderstand this, I already love your game. It is just how much I like it that makes me think up all this stuff and I myself realize just now just how much potential there is to it. Please keep up the great work. Thank you so much for it. I have waited a long time for a realistic hospital simulator and it seems my dreams have finally come true.
I wish you the very best for your endeavor and looking very much forward to see what will become of it.
Thank you again sincerly.

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Congrats on the Release and Feedback Empty Re: Congrats on the Release and Feedback

Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:53 pm
The core mechanism suggest should be prioritize! Great feedback!
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