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Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:41 am
Merging Translation Information of the Second Source(WIP, non-GitHub)

(Written a note for official Japanese translation users.)
A Japanese user who did not know the official translation project (GitHub) its created translated localization set of files.

This file works perfectly running on the current version(v1.0.14611) and its completeness is also very high, but neither the translator nor I understand GitHub or the concrete operation method of this forum, so now the Japanese translation work doubly It is progressing.

I contacted this translator and got a reply saying that can freely use translated texts, but This is not compatible with the file on Git (comment and line feed position), so now gave up the merge work.

Can get the translation file of the Second Source from the following Google Spreadsheet link.
@Project file (Google Spreadsheet)
@(Zip Archive)

--- for Japanese - 日本語 ---

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