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[RESOLVED] The stuck people bug Empty [RESOLVED] The stuck people bug

Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:10 pm
First of all, I absolutely LOVE this game. It's all I ever wanted in a hospital sim. Thank you.

Anyway, after watching for awhile I think I figured out a cause of the stuck person bug. I was routinely getting doctors stuck at their computers waiting to examine a patient. These were GS docs looking to use one of my diagnostic units.

The doc was definitely stuck, depleting needs constantly, but the patient was stuck too, she was just hospitalized so her needs were constantly being attended. I had tried everything to release the doc including saving and reloading but nothing worked. I even resorted to firing him, but he just stayed there stuck and a new doc sat on his lap to use the computer.

Then I went to the patient and manually cancelled her pending examinations. That did it. He got up and tiredly waddled home. The two examinations she was booked for also disappeared, I couldn't choose them again. I assumed at first that it was caused by somehow having selected examinations that the patient became unable to receive for some reason while pending, but that wasn't the case.

Almost immediately after I cleared this bug, s new doctor got stuck. Fortunately I knew how to fix it but this time the examinations were valid, I could fix it again. After a third doc got stuck doing the same thing, I figured it out.

I had placed a laundry basket on top of the purple arrow for the examination table. Putting it down did not show the table as yellow, and the table would turn green as patients were queued to use it, but as the path was obstructed, they would get stuck in limbo.

I'm going to keep trying to see if canceling examinations manually fixes the bug each time, but at least this time it was the broken path. Nothing to attach, really, since I fixed the bug myself, but I thought you'd benefit from my findings. Definitely want this game to be all it can be. Can't wait for mod support!!
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[RESOLVED] The stuck people bug Empty Re: [RESOLVED] The stuck people bug

Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:52 pm
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Hi, thanks a lot for figuring this out! The blocked status wasn't correctly detected when evaluating the state of the room, but was blocking the actual transport of patients. This will be fixed in the next patch.
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