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[RESOLVED] Game Crashes At Launch (Steam) - Citrix Empty [RESOLVED] Game Crashes At Launch (Steam) - Citrix

Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:50 pm

I purchased a Steam copy of this game earlier today, and unfortunately the game crashes at launch every time I try to launch it -- I click "Play" in steam, it launches a small 'loading' window with a hospital themed logo, and then nothing else happens.

I've tried multiple times to launch the game, and verified the install files. I have also uninstalled and re-installed the game, but still the issue persists.

The specs on my pc should be fine...I've got a 8th gen i7 and a 1080 graphics card and I'm running Win 10...

Please advise how I can play this game, otherwise I will be forced to refund it through Steam.

Update: After installing on my partner's computer, it seems there is a config window that launches (i.e. what size to display game in; what quality, etc). This window is not launching on my computer.

Update II: It seems this issue is related to the Unity engine -- any Unity game I have and try to launch similarly fails at launch. However, I'm not sure why -- google suggests it is an issue with a font file uncll.ttf but I've re-installed that font file and I'm still experiencing the issue.

Update III: I seem to have figured it out. After a lot of googling, I found: which made a passing comment about uninstalling Citrix. As it happens, I have Citrix installed on my laptop for work reasons and I know it has caused problems with any number of applications at my work, but I hadn't thought anything of it as I hadn't experienced any issues launching anything on my personal computer since CTX was installed.

Anyways, long story short it was Citrix Workspace that was the culprit. Game now seems to be launching.
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