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Different height elevators Empty Different height elevators

Mon Jun 03, 2019 3:24 pm
Hello! I wasn’t sure if this is a feature improvement or a bug so I thought I’d check here first and see if anyone else is encountering the same issue. I have a clinic building at one height and main hospital at another, higher height, and I can’t get the elevators to not all go to the height of the hospital’s elevators. This means I end up with about two floors of elevators sticking out of the top of my clinic building. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks!
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Different height elevators Empty Re: Different height elevators

Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:19 am
I'm so glad somebody made a post about this. The same thing happened to me yesterday and it drove me nuts. I'm fairly sure there's no way around it. Every single elevator on the map will go as high as your tallest building. I split my map into into sections, a smaller outpatient building with it's own radiology (2 floors) and the main building with all the operating theaters and wards (4 floors). Putting an elevator in the smaller outpatient building makes it go up 4 levels even though it's only a two story building. I had to suck it up and made both buildings the same height. Sucks doesn't it?

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