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Hospitalization examinations and treatments. Empty Hospitalization examinations and treatments.

Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:57 pm
Here's a question that i really want to know the answer to : do any lab tests for hospitalization patients ever resolve themselves ?
I have several patients in observation room. As soon as they get in bed - they get assigned literally ALL the lab tests available : blood, serology, stool, microbial, mycology, EVERYTHING. And the tests stay yellow, forever. Sometimes there is an examination in sonography or something, that allows the doctor to make a final diagnosis, but otherwise - the patient stays in observation essentially forever, because the lab tests never complete, or you can always just pick a diagnosis yourself at random. So...why does that happen ?

On the same note - treatments in hospitalization. Ordinarily, the doctor proscribes a fix to all the symptoms at the very final point, which is a bit silly, but all right, i'll level. The patient is bleeding on the floor, but please, keep bleeding until i know exactly what is wrong with you. No-no, it's fine, the janitor will clean it up, just keep bleeding, it's fine.
But why cant hospitalized patients get treated automatically ? A guy is laying around in a hospital bed for 2 days with diarea and a thumping headache, nurses and doctors check on him regularly, and nobody bothers to give him a single pill ? Other than me, myself, by essentially an act of god ? Why ???????

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Hospitalization examinations and treatments. Empty Re: Hospitalization examinations and treatments.

Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:02 am
I noticed that too. I have to go to observation room very often and try to solve the problems for myself, because it looks like the doctors can't
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