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Fri Jun 24, 2022 1:32 pm
Hello guys,

I have an question that somebody may or may not have an answer on. I noticed (like alot of other people) that doctors controlled by the AI usually do not treat all symptoms, but mainly the main symptom or high hazard ones. Since there is no option ingame to chance this (as far as I know), is there a way to chance this by editing some lines in the game files? I've been going through some files, but I couldn't really find anything where I know that this will chance that. The only thing I did find is that in the Symptoms.xml for all symptoms patients can complain. If this is set to true, does this mean the symptom gets treated?

I look forward to your answers.

Kind regards,
Menno Ganzeboom
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Wed Jun 29, 2022 1:10 pm
Hi, I can't quickly find any of our previous replies to similar questions, so let me to elaborate a bit:

- The game is trying to be relatively realistic when it comes to treatments, so what is prescribed should somehow match what doctors give the patients in real life
- All symptoms that are dangerous or cause the patient discomfort (and therefore affect the hospital's rating) should be treated automatically, symptoms that are left are the ones that should basically go away as a result of the diagnosis itself being cured.
- That said, if you'd still like to tweak what gets prescribed, feel free to have a look at the files with individual diagnoses (for example StreamingAssets/Database/Diagnoses/DiagnosesSURG.xml) and add more treatments to the lists:

<TreatmentRef>TRT_ACE_INHIBITOR</TreatmentRef> <!--COMPLICATION-->
<TreatmentRef>TRT_BETA_BLOCKERS</TreatmentRef> <!--COMPLICATION-->
<TreatmentRef>TRT_ANALGESICS</TreatmentRef> <!--ADDITIONAL-->
<TreatmentRef>TRT_ANTIPYRETICS</TreatmentRef> <!--ADDITIONAL-->

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