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[Mac OSX][WORKAROUND] Mac Mini - no sound Empty [Mac OSX][WORKAROUND] Mac Mini - no sound

Mon Aug 16, 2021 5:00 pm
Workaround for a rare issue with no sound on a new Mac mini:

Symptoms - no sound at all and messages in the log file:
FMOD failed to get number of drivers ... : "Error enumerating the available driver list. List may be inconsistent due to a recent device addition or removal. "
FMOD failed to initialize any audio devices, running on emulated software output with no sound. Please check your audio drivers and/or hardware for malfunction.

Two possible causes are:

Zoom installed
Hopefully this is not the case anymore, more info:

Incompatible audio plugins - let me quoting the player who found this:

I’ve stumbled upon a Stack Exchange post where people mentioned an audio plugin under

I’ve looked if that was still present on my machine, but there were no traces of anything related to Zoom. However, I’ve found an orphaned driver from which I’ve uninstalled a long time ago.

That’s basically an software passthrough equalizer, but it behaved a little bit funky when I tried it. I removed the plugin directory


and after a restart the sound in PH now started working. Lo and behold, it now even works with Zoom installed. 👍 So thanks again for the help, the hint with Zoom was ultimately fruitful.
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