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[MODDED] Several mod wards not working Empty [MODDED] Several mod wards not working

Sat Mar 12, 2022 1:22 am
I installed several mods today; the mods for the additional wards such as the oconlogy one, sexual health, gynecology andear/nose/throat. I added them to the game by subscribing to their creators through Steam. I also installed the community pack

Only the ear/nose throat one works completly. All the icons for the deparments are however visible in the row on the bottom of the screen. All the tests that come with the mods and possible diagnoses are there aswell. If I got to building, I can only place rooms for the ear/nose one, the other icons are lacking.

No rooms of the (for example) sexual health department are availbe, neither are doctors availbe to higher or or are examinations availble linked to the mods. How can I fix this? My base game is legal, Steam bought with all its DLC's and no other mods.
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