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[OPEN] Sometimes day/night shift button in F7 management mode stays locked when it shouldn't

on Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:08 pm
Example (I'm not by the game right now, this is off of my memory).
- Enter F7 mode
- Click on a job slot that can only be filled for one shift. E.g., clinic office can only have day staff.
- Try to click the night shift button at the bottom of the F7 management screen (may also trigger by clicking the one on the hiring window).
- As expected, can't change to night shift while the hiring window is open, since only day shifters can be hired there.
- Close the hiring window.
- Try to change to night shift--unable to do so.

Workaround: Open the general hiring interface from F7 mode (not for a specific workspace, the button in the upper left), switch to the other shift, now the button at the bottom of the F7 mode is unlocked.
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