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[RESOLVED] Doctors stop processing patients. Empty [RESOLVED] Doctors stop processing patients.

Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:23 am
The doctors sit in their offices and the waiting room has patients.
However, new patients aren't called to the doctor.

Repro steps (unconfirmed).
* Have a waiting room split in two (like the emergency department of the start of the first campaign mission). So there are technically two waiting rooms when you see it in management mode.
* Join the two waiting rooms by selecting the waiting room type and dragging over both the rooms.
* This may have been done exactly as a patient was called or something.

Load save game and observe the emergency department. There are three doctors sitting in their offices idling while there are multiple patients outside waiting.

I have noticed that I cannot delete the queue info monitor screen (the that works in conjunction with the queue ticket dispenser) in that room, apparently because it is in use (is highlighted green when attempted selected). So maybe that is related to the deadlock.

Save game with the deadlock.
Whole log file.
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[RESOLVED] Doctors stop processing patients. Empty Re: [RESOLVED] Doctors stop processing patients.

Tue Jun 04, 2019 9:10 am
Hi, thanks for catching this! It's really surprising it took this long to be noticed, I'm pretty sure it has been possible to get patients stuck this was since release.

I'm attaching a fixed version of your save and a proper fix will be included in the next minor patch. Cheers!
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