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Radiology department Empty Radiology department

Fri Jul 24, 2020 6:43 pm
Hello there!

I absolutely love this game, I’ve put in 175 hours and it’s not going to stop anytime soon Very Happy.

Since three years I work on a radiology department, and over the time I’ve been playing this game, I’ve noticed some things that could be optimized in-game.
Basiclly it's an in-game adaptation/idea of how we work on Radiology.

-Waiting room for hospitalized patients
Right now, a nurse has to transport the patient from the ward directly to Radiology into the examination room. After the exam, the patient stays on the x-ray table until the nurse arrives to return the patient to his/her room. IRL, patients are dropped off (with their bed/wheelchair) in a designated waiting room for hospitalized patents. When the rad tech has time, he’ll start the exam. (The policy where I work is that ER and people with an appointment go first. When we have time we do hospitalized patients.)

By allowing this kind of waiting room, the rad techs can do the transportation between this waiting room and the examination room. Then the rad tech doesn’t have to wait for the nurse to arrive all the way from a different floor. This should increase the workflow on Radiology, which isn’t very optimized yet, IMO.

-All fractures and dislocations should be visible on both x-ray and CT scan
I’ve noticed that a shaft fracture of the clavicule shows on CT but not on x-ray. IRL an x-ray of the clavicule is the fastest and easiest (and way less radiation exposure) way to diagnose a fracture. Only tarsal fractures of the foot (the region between the heel and the metatarsals) can be missed on x-ray if it’s a small one.

I’ve included an examples where a very clear fracture doesn’t show on either x-ray or CT. (a complicated fracture of the arm that didn’t show on CT)

I also once had a dislocated ankle invisible on CT, but diagnosed on x-ray. It should be both.

-All organ lacerations should be visible on CT
IRL, an organ rupture is best seen on a CT scan. In-game, only the FAST echo can find this symptom. This should be changed that all organ ruptures are visible on CT.

-Kidney stones
Ureter/kidney/bladder stones are best seen on CT. IRL we have a dedicated urolithiasis program with very low radiation dose, as it’s very clear on the scan if you have one. In-game only ultrasound can find one, this should be changed to both US and CT.

-Tennis elbow
In-game, only an MRI can diagnose the ‘Damaged muscles’ symptom. IRL, an ultrasound is the usual way of diagnosing this. As with most tendons and muscles, it’s visible on both US and MRI.

-Liver cirrhosis
It doesn’t show on MRI in-game, but in the hospital we have dedicated liver cirrhosis protocol to scan the patient. The dying liver should be visible on MRI.

Belongs on neuro, not cardio. IRL we have a dedicated ‘stroke’ ward at the neuro department.

If you're still reading after this wall of text, feel free to discuss the Radiology department below Smile
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Radiology department Empty Re: Radiology department

Fri Jul 24, 2020 9:19 pm
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I liked these suggestions. Anything that makes this game even better i think it should be considered.
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Radiology department Empty Re: Radiology department

Mon Nov 02, 2020 3:46 pm
I ilke the ideas...
i also feel that the usage of the radiology dep. isn't the best, so the idea with the waiting room should definitely make it in to the game...
That is what i think!
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Radiology department Empty Re: Radiology department

Sat Jan 02, 2021 11:21 pm
All of this would be great.
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Radiology department Empty Re: Radiology department

Wed Jan 06, 2021 6:47 pm
Thumbs up for it!
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