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Grave's Disease is treated immediately Empty Grave's Disease is treated immediately

Wed Nov 03, 2021 4:45 pm
With other illnesses, if they're diagnosed with symptoms left, then the patient is sent for further testing to find all the symptoms. This doesn't happen with Grave's. It's treated immediately, and only given antithyroids. Any thoughts on why?

Edit: Is it because the main symptom is a collapse symptom?

Edit: I don't have hospitalisation yet. Should I even be seeing this illness?

Edit: I went experimenting.

I added synthetic hormones as a treatment to grave's, swapped TSH low (which appears with hyperthyroidism) to TSH high (which appears in hypothyroidism). There are enough difference symptoms for the game to figure out which one is which

Illness behaved itself. Even if diagnosed immediately, they'd trundle off to get the rest of the symptoms diagnosed, and the treatment changed to synthetic hormones

I figured 'ok, maybe it's because TSH low is a collapse symptom'. So I used TSH high (to make sure there wasn't something daft at play, like spaces or something), and copied in the name TSH low, the description and the icon number into it, thereby removing the collapse trait and setting the danger of TSH low to, well, low risk. The treatment should have stayed as synthetic hormones

Game still treated it as a collapse symptom, and the treatment went back to being antithyroid medications despite the risk for TSH low now being low, and the treatment being synthetic hormones

So I went to the localisation folder. Changed the name of the symptom just by adding the word 'testing' to the name of the symptom, the description shortcut, and the description text itself (so I could see it in game)

Condition is now behaving itself. Symptom is TSH low, treatment is synthetic hormones

To test it further, I changed the danger level to medium. The change took... ALTHOUGH the game is still treating it as a collapse symptom

I swapped the medication treatment back to antithyroids, and the change took.

The illness is now behaving itself - even if the patient is diagnosed in the GS clinic, testing continues until they are fully diagnosed.

With the game still seeing antithyroids as the treatment, even when the treatment was supposed to be something else... makes it feel like there's two sets of information, and one was over-riding the other? But In changing the name of the problematic symptom, TSH low, they've been separated?
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