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Miscellaneous questions Empty Miscellaneous questions

Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:56 am
Here are a few of my questions about this game which I haven't read about yet, I'm sorry if any of those questions have already been asked and answered.

General questions:

1. Do you intend to have mod support - ideally with a basic toolkit for modders - build upon your game? / Do you intend to have steam workshop support for people to upload their roomts / hospitals for others to use?
2. Have you already stresstested the game engine with the maximum (or more) of what the player could create? Some games like Stellaris/Supreme Commander have this flaw and it may ruin the endgame experience after building for hours.

Regarding gameplay:

1. A little nitpick with reference to Rimworld; People seem to carry an awful lot of dirt into the building? Are there items available to reduce it like doormats? Do floor types influence how quickly it gets dirty?
2.  Do you plan to have 'accidents'? Including surgery accidents, accidents by patients, by staff . . .
3.  Will there be an infection risk? Example: Having a ward with two patients, one with chicken pox, the other with an autoimmune disease, increased chance of the 2nd patient also getting chicken pox
4. Will hygiene in general be a game feature?
5. Will you face staff problems / staff moral? Staff getting sick, going on vacation, quitting the job? This could go hand in hand with the player having a "force to work" button for characters to fill in in case of emergencies.

Regarding graphics:

1. The absolutely only thing that I'd love to have would be several wall modes, including no walls (like the default currently), half wall ( e.g. ) and full wall

Other than that, I really like the art style and your love for details

Regarding music/sound:

1. Just how much do you plan to have when it comes to background music and will it change depending on the situation, for example more tense soundtracks when you have emergency cases or gloomy ones if a patient passes away ?
2. Do you plan to move to voice-acting at one point or keep it at the Simlish mumbling it is at the moment? I'd be happy with either outcome

Thanks in advance,
enjoying your game already via Cigaro's Let's play a lot !
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